Write a Prophecy!

Writing a prophecy is a lot of fun because it sets up a large part of the plot. Readers enjoy reading prophecies because they help explain the unlikely hero’s destiny and build suspense. The word “prophecy” stems from the Greek word “prophetes” and is connected to the word prophet. A prophet is a person who foretells the future. 

There are prophecies in Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Can you think of other books that use prophecies?

Here is an example of a prophecy in the Lego Movie:



TIPS for writing a prophecy. 

When writing a prophecy you want to include details about the unlikely hero and what they will do.

1) Make it mysterious with strange details. Example: “The one who will defeat the evil power will come when the weather turns cold and ice spikes fall from the sky.”

2) Give a few details about the hero that are very specific.Example: “She shall bear a heart-shaped birthmark on her right shoulder.”

3) Exaggerate the outcome. Example: “There is only one who can defeat the dark power. If she fails, there is no one else strong enough.”


WHERE CAN YOUR PROPHECY GO? The prophecy can go many places in your story. Here are some to choose from.

– A letter arrives at your character’s doorstep.

– She receives a text message.

– The wise, old unicorn in the forest tells her.

– It is written on an old letter that has been lost in the attic for one hundred years.

– Message in a bottle.

– Grandmother tells her.


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