Joys of Teaching!


DanaSonja1For this Valentine’s Day post, we wanted to celebrate ten simple, everyday joys of being teachers.

We are still head over heels in love with teaching.

1. Having a window into the lives of my students and seeing what makes them glow. From getting a new puppy to winning a basketball tournament to celebrating a grandparent’s birthday. I love hearing about their special moments both inside and outside school. ~Sonja

2. When they can’t wait to tell me about a book they read and loved and plead for me to read it too. ~Sonja

3. Flipping the chart paper to a new, fresh piece. There is nothing better than new chart paper. Sorry ipad and document camera, I love you both too, but I love my chart paper most of all. ~Dana

4. When my students take ownership of a vocabulary word they learned months ago, like macabre, and use it accurately and authentically. ~Sonja

5. Changing the numbers on our “New Book Releases Countdowns.” Do you do this in your classroom? It’s a really fun way to get kids excited about books. ~Dananew releases

6. After years of teaching, reading picture books or poems, to students who have never heard it before, is the BEST! Seeing their eyes light up at the good parts is why I love reading aloud. (Reading favorites is awesome too!) ~Dana

7. To the Turbo Pencil Sharpener that has lasted far longer than its warrantee and is quick and quiet, XOXO ~Dana

8. Being thought of over the weekend and receiving baked goods (yes…they’re mostly cupcakes) they’ve made at home and brought in just for me 🙂 ~Sonja

9. The moment a student receives a letter in the mail from a beloved author. To all authors, your reply letters mean the world to students. It can be life changing for a reader. Thank you so much for your time! ~Dana

10. The confident, dazzling smiles on their faces when they know they’re on to something big in their writing. Love! Love! Love! ~Sonja