Podcast with Penny Kittle

It was so much fun to create a book talk podcast with Penny Kittle, author of Book Love and Write Beside Them. After making this podcast, I began thinking of 3 easy ways I can re-energize independent reading on day one of returning to the classroom in January.

1) Do 2-3 Book talks a day during the first week back.

2) Have my student go “shopping” for books by putting a large stack on each desk group. Students can read the backs of the books and get a feel for their first pages.

3) My students can do some talking and writing around their reading goals for January. This may include adding books to their wish lists and writing down their future goals such as “New genres I’d like to read are…” or “I’d like to read 100 pages a week.”

I’m really looking forward to reading in January 2018! The ALA Awards are right around the corner and my students and I are going to keep reading!