Flipped Learning Book


Have you ever wanted to “clone” yourself in the writing workshop? Love the gentle chaos of the workshop setting, but sometimes feel frustrated that you can’t be everywhere at once? Love conferring with students but find that you’re repeating the same lessons over and over? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that you have a few students who need to move forward and are in a holding pattern?

We’ve had these experiences. We turned to flipped learning to help meet the needs of all our learners in the writing workshop. We heard of teachers using flipped learning in high school and college, and mostly in the mathematics and science areas. However, we were intrigued by the premise of creating lessons online for our students. We were excited by the idea of “cloning” ourselves.

We see flipped learning as an excellent way to increase learning in the elementary and middle school writing workshop. Flipped learning increases student efficacy, agency, and engagement.

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