Friendship Digital Bin

Digital bins are just like book bins- except they have digital texts instead of printed texts, and they exist online on a virtual bookshelf instead of on a bookcase in the classroom. With the Common Core calling for our students to balance their reading 50:50 with nonfiction and fiction texts, as well as digital and print-based texts, digital bins are a great way to create a text set that students can read across.

My goal is to deepen my students’ understanding of what theme means by applying it to real-life examples, printed books, and digital texts. Using my read alouds, shared texts, and digital bins, I want my students to begin talking about the themes they notice in their independent reading. This is what I love about digital bins! They are excellent to help students examine and notice the literary elements in texts- symbolism, mood, figurative language,perspective, etc.

To create this digital bin about the theme “Friendship,” I collected images, video clips, websites, and songs that corresponded to this theme.

Here’s what’s in my digital bin:

Video Clips/ Photographs:



For more information about how to launch a digital bin, see “Launching a Digital Bin” under the Digital Bins tab at the top of this site. Let me know if you find other friendship digital texts! I’m always on the search for new ones.