10 More Digital Texts That Teach!

Since everyone loved the first round of digital texts that teach close reading and literary elements, we thought we’d put up some more! Also, you can get these digital texts through our book Teaching Interpretation. Throughout the book, we have QR codes that link to many digital texts (these and many more!) We also have ready-to-go digital bins (collections of digital texts) based around different literary elements such as symbolism, theme, mood, etc. Enjoy!

  1. Proud to be (Theme, Perspective)

2. Miniature Horse Commercial (Mood, Perspective)

3. Amazon Neighbors Commercial (Symbolism, Theme, Mood)

4. Harry Meets Ron and Hermione (Mood, Character Traits)

5. Chipotle Commercial (Theme)

6. Clydesdale Commercial (Mood, Theme)

7. Amazon Dog Commercial (Mood, Perspective)

8. Amazon Dog in Case Commercial (Perspective, Mood)

9. Shirley the Elephant Part 2 (Theme, Perspective)

10. A Boy and His Dog (Mood, Memories, Theme)