Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen’s debut book, Teaching Interpretation: Using Text-Based Evidence to Construct Meaning was published in 2014. Dana and Sonja have written for Education Week Teacher and the Nerdy Book Club. They are hard at work writing their second book, which will be published in Spring ’16.

Excerpt from Teaching Interpretation:

 “With the Common Core calling for students to take part in the rich and rigorous work of interpretation,” write Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen, “it is necessary for all teachers to learn how to teach this important work in ways that reach all learners.”  Teaching Interpretation demystifies the interpretation process and help teachers take on the challenge of showing students how to construct, revise, and test their interpretations.  Presented in manageable chunks that can work with any curriculum, they offer a conceptual framework that makes the interpretation process transparent to both teachers and students.   Lesson ideas, text recommendations, templates, and suggestions for how to differentiate help you easily incorporate the work of interpretation into your practice, while student samples and graphic organizers make it all visible.

Excerpt from Education Week Teacher:

Close reading is a life skill, not a reading strategy confined to the classroom. As adults, we do close reading everyday. We slow down to reread certain emails, advertisements, maps, and articles. We do this in order to gain important information, interpret a message, and reflect. In our classrooms, we want our students to become lifelong readers who do not allow text to simply wash over them. We see close reading as an opportunity to contour our teaching to provide strategies for examining texts in ways that help readers to interpret them and to understand the author’s intent.

Read the EdWeek article here



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