Is Flipping Your Writing Workshop For You?


Take our survey below to see if flipping your writing workshop might help you! 

Answer Yes or No to the following questions.

1. Do you find that students are in all different phases of their writing during writing workshop? (Some are generating ideas, some are drafting, some are revising, etc.?)

2. Do you find that you have students who are anxious to move forward but cannot because they need additional instruction?

3. Are some students stuck in a phase of writing (for example: struggling to generate ideas to write about) while everyone else in the class is ready to move forward?

4. Do you find yourself repeating minilessons throughout the year? Are there 5 minilessons that you wish could be filmed so you didn’t have to teach them over and over? (Examples: paragraph structure, dialogue punctuation, how to use a period, leads)

5. Would you like to increase personalized learning opportunities in your classroom and increase student agency?

Scoring: If you answered “Yes” to most of these questions, then flipped learning in the writing workshop is for you! It can help you meet the needs of all of your learners. It helps increase differentiation and personalized learning opportunities. Plus you can “clone” yourself and be in multiple places at once!

Please leave us a comment! We love the discussion!

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