Top 10 List: What We Love About Teaching!

It’s become our tradition on this blog to write a Valentine’s Day Top 10 List, and we look forward to writing it each year. We feel so blessed each and every day to do what we do- teach. We are classroom teachers. We teach students, not curriculum, and we know that each year will be different, each class will be different, and each lesson will be different. We look forward to the successes and challenges each school year brings, and we can’t imagine doing anything else.

Here is our Top 10 List of what we love about teaching. #1 is our absolute favorite part!

10. Little notes like this one, left anonymously on the white board.

IMG_3569 (1).jpg

9.  Handmade cards and artwork proudly offered as gifts.

8. A student racing into class in the morning to debrief the novel she just finished.

7. The moment when students squeal and scream with delight because the box from Scholastic or Amazon arrives with new books.

6. The terribly corny jokes told that are somehow ridiculously hilarious!

5. Hearing about the playdates, visits with family, sports games and important moments of students lives outside of school.

4. The smell of fresh, new chart paper.

3. When a student writes a “drop the mic” introduction to an essay…and knows it!

2. Post-its! Honestly, how did anyone ever survive without them?

1. Sitting together as a class, reading a picture book or chapter book. The most joyful moments of teaching are the simple ones. The one where we are all together, sharing an experience together.


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