The 100th Post!

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Two years ago, in January 2013, we launched this blog- LitLearnAct, short for Literacy Learning in Action. We love collaborating and learning from each other, and we began this blog with the hope of sharing what we were talking and thinking about with other educators.

Today, we celebrate our 100th blog post. This blog has meant so much to us because we’ve been able to share, reflect, and connect with educators from around the world. Teaching can be an isolating profession if we let it, and one of the most important parts of teaching is growing and learning. We’ve found that the best way for learning is through collaboration- with each other, our colleagues, our classmates at Teachers College, fellow educators at conferences, and online (yay Twitter and FB!).

We live in different states. Sonja lives in New York and Dana lives in Connecticut. Most Sundays, we drive thirty miles to meet each other in the middle at a Panera Bread. We order our breakfast sandwiches and cozy cups of hot chocolate, and then we talk. We talk about our school week, our worries, and our wonders. We share highlights and lowlights. We help each other develop lesson ideas and teaching points. We write together and we read together. This collaboration has helped us become better teachers, and we are so happy that we can write about our experiences on this blog.

This isn’t one of those blog posts with 5 Tips, a bulletin board idea, or a new digital text. It is one that celebrates the joys of educators collaborating and sharing. We are so grateful that we are in a global community of educators who want to share, learn, and grow each day. Each day we post an idea that we’ve been thinking about or have been working on in the classroom, and each day we learn 10+ new ideas from Twitter and other blogs. It is truly incredible how much online PD can happen in a single day! Thank you!

Although this blog is a single, small voice in cyberspace, we are grateful each day to share our journey and we love everyone’s comments and questions. We feel welcome in this online community of learners- on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc., and we love learning with everyone each day.

This is much more than the 100th post. This is a thankful post. A happy post. A celebratory WOOHOO (and a sigh of relief) for blogging 100 times post! Thank you for sharing this journey with us. We look forward to learning so much more.

Dana and Sonja

2 thoughts on “The 100th Post!

  1. I found your blog through a recommendation from a staff developer at Teacher’s College and have just started following both of you. Thank you for taking the time to share and post – I am just learning about the workshop models and new ways of teaching language arts and it is so exciting, for both teachers and students! I look forward to posts 101 – 1001; keep them coming! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Dawn! A big welcome to the workshop model and to the joy of learning from Lucy and all the staff developers at TCRWP! Our students have thrived with the workshop model. Also, definitely check out the NerdyBookClub blog. Thank you so much for your comment! It made our day! D&S


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