The Digital Workshop- Access

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.59.46 PMWhen I began creating a Digital Workshop in my classroom, I wondered how I would make it accessible to my students. How would they access my flipped lessons, digital bins, and our class blogs?

I’ve used several strategies for helping my students access these digital learning tools. I’ve used QR codes and a bulletin board with them displayed (pictured). QR codes are great to use if you have tablets in your classroom. I have one tablet in my classroom and it functions as a listening center, digital bin center, blogging tool (mostly for pictures and recording apps), and a way Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.00.16 PMstudents can learn from flipped lessons. For more information about how to use QR codes see my post about their use in the classroom.

Another way to set up your digital workshop is on your classroom blog or website. If your students use Chromebooks or computers they can easily access your classroom blog. You can create a page on the blog with links that direct them to the learning tools they are looking for. Also, teachers have used a shared Google Doc that contains all the links. This is an efficient way to give your students access.


Typically found wearing mismatched socks, Dana Johansen spends her time teaching fifth grade in Connecticut, negotiating with her yellow lab about doggy dinner options, and plopping down on the floor in bookstore aisles to find new reads. She has taught elementary and middle school for fourteen years. Dana is a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University where she studies blended learning in reading and writing workshop.