2015 ALA Awards!

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What I love so much about the ALA Awards is seeing the community of writers, illustrators, librarians, and teachers gather together to honor books. What an incredible celebration! And I know that I speak for so many educators when I say how privileged and fortunate we are to work in schools with librarians who are so incredibly knowledgeable and care so much about getting books into the hands of students. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all librarians! You make our jobs as reading teachers that much easier and joyful.

I can’t wait to show parts of the awards ceremony to my 5’s! They have read so many titles that were honored at today’s ceremony.

Some great pre-award reading activities included: Many read alouds, a mock-Newbery club, and a reading-challenge list. Favorite books included: El Deafo, Brown Girl Dreaming, Rain Reign, Greenglass House, Snicker of Magic, and The Night Gardner.

Post-award reading activities will include: Add books to our “Reading Wish Lists,” read some new read alouds that we haven’t read (I’ve been on Amazon and it looks like a bunch are back ordered. Arg!), begin reading for on our class favorites for the year (Sweet 16?), and write letters and tweets to authors celebrating their books.

The ALA Awards ceremony was so exciting! If you missed the ALA Award ceremony, here is the link to the video: http://live.webcastinc.com/ala/2015/live/

A link to all the winners are here:  http://www.wkrg.com/story/28001121/american-library-association-announces-2015-youth-media-award-winners

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